November 2011

Since I have started working and have had less time for the blog, I put together two Look of the Week polls for the whole month of November. Honestly, there wasn’t even that many looks for the whole month so I just grouped them into two groups. They are posted a little late, but better late then never, right 🙂

First up is for November 3-12. The winner is Kendra Wilkinson with the dress she wore to the SoHo Project Presents: Masquerade – Unmasking The Face Of Lung Cancer on November 12.  She wore a Little Black Dress, with sheer top, under a black leather jacket. She paired it with a pair of purple, open-toed, slingback heels, which gave the ensemble a little bit of color.

Next is for November 13-30. The winner is again, Kendra Wilkinson with the dress she wore to her Ab Cuts signing in Culver City, California on November 17. She wore a blue knee length dress with a plunging neckline with black and gold platform sandals.

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