Look of the Week

This week’s look of the week poll is a two week poll which spans July 29-August 11.


Previous Winners:

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30 thoughts on “Look of the Week

  1. I LOVE Jayde Nicole, she always looks so beautiful and well dressed! She needs her own show! But can’t wait to see her on Hollys World this season

  2. Jayde Nicole all the way! Second would be Jessica Hall based on personality but not her dresses.

    Jayde, Jayde, Jayde………………..

  3. Kendra’s outfit would look a lot better if she had taken the time to curl her hair and put some makeup on. Come on, it’s date nite. Time to glam it up a little for her man!!

    We would never see Kortney going out with Scott looking like, or even Kloe with Lamar. Her husband will never say anything because he is afraid she will rail at him. But us fans should tell her.

    So, feel free to tell her I said so………….

  4. I LOVE Jayde’s style!! She definitely looked the best in both of her pics, but I love the first one the most (the one where she in the shorts) … you can tell she is naturally beautiful ❤

  5. If Holly had worn her Marilyn Monroe dress with a pair of red pumps, she would have been a knockout. None-the-less, she is polished and looking very beautiful.

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