The Futon Critic

JH: You’re both so much fun on the show. Can you tell me about your first time at the mansion?

Karissa Shannon: The first time we came to the mansion they were filming the show and we were testing for the 55th Anniversary Playmate and we had so much fun. It’s like a big family here.

JH: What did you think, Kristina?

Kristina Shannon: Same thing. [Laughs.]

JH: Did you ever think you would be living there?

Karissa: Not at all! I knew when we came here we didn’t want to leave so it’s good that that came true.

JH: How has it been having the cameras following you around? That must have been an adjustment.

Kristina: Me and Karissa got used to it really fast. It just came so natural and we never really paid attention to the camera or look at the camera and think, “Everyone is going to be watching us.”

JH: I know from having twins in my family that you end up sharing a lot but did you ever think you’d be sharing Hugh Hefner?

Kristina: No! We never would even think of sharing the same guy but Hef is a different story.

JH: What is it about Hef that captured your heart?

Karissa: Hef likes to have a good time and he has a really big heart and we have so much fun with him. He has the same likes and he likes watches movies. He’s a partying playboy and that’s what we like.

JH: We get to see Crystal on the show talking to her mother. How does your family feel about your new life?

Kristina: We Skype with our family every day. It’s like a webcam thing. It’s like a program you select and we just Skyped the other day and talked to them the other day and they’re very supportive. My dad is 39 so he came out her and visited for Christmas last year and my whole family is coming out for Christmas this year.

Karissa: The holidays are like the best time around the mansion. Christmas we do it all up… Thanksgiving… the holidays are the best at the mansion.

JH: Crystal said in the premiere episode that she sees you as the same person. Do you agree with that?

Karissa: We have totally different personalities but we do everything the same.

JH: What is your hope that fans take away from the three of you in “The Girls Next Door?”

Karissa: I just hope they like us and we represent Playboy well. I hope they don’t hate us. I just hope that they watch for us and don’t prejudge us.

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