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Did you expect to achieve this kind of success with Kendra?
“We’re in the third season of my show and it’s the eighth season on TV for me, which I’m going crazy about! Eight seasons on TV! That’s huge, so big! I’m so excited and honored and appreciative of everything; I never knew my life would ever go like this. I love getting the time to do my signings and meet all the fans because it’s all so amazing to me; I never, ever in my life dreamed that someone in Australia or France or anywhere would know my name.”

Do you even notice the cameras following you anymore?
“I will always know the cameras are there. Whoever says that they don’t know the cameras are there is [talking] a bunch of BS! You always know the cameras are there! They are like my family but I know they are there all the time. Of course, you have to get used to them and pretend that you don’t notice them. That’s the goal; that’s the key!”

Did the window cleaners catching you naked happen exactly as we saw?
“I didn’t know the cameras were there! It was just fly-on-the-wall and I’d just jumped out of the shower and all of a sudden the window cleaners came down right at the same time. It was all just an accident!”

And you had a great reaction to it all!
“I deserve an Oscar for that, thank you very much! It’s all fun. We’re all family. The crew that I work with are all family and trust me, they’ve seen me naked millions of times! I see it as being the same thing as shooting a movie. I work with very professional people and I trust every single person I work with.”

The season opens as you move to Philadelphia but you recently relocated back to Los Angeles with Baby Hank to find a family home. How has the move been and how are you finding the separation from Hank?
“The separation is very difficult and we do miss each other. I’ve been splitting my time going there and coming back, but I’ve had a lot of things to do here in LA. Hank actually has Little Hank at the moment. I’m a person who needs to be with my baby and take care of every single need of his so if he had been here I wouldn’t have found the time to really do things I need to do. I’m here trying to get everything organized and ready for when Hank’s season is done. At the end of the day, I went to Philadelphia to support my husband but I should have stayed back in LA at the beginning and found a home. But that’s the theme of the season – that’s what I should have done, but it wasn’t done so how are we going to deal with being apart and stuff like that? It’s a very dramatic season with a lot of heart and real drama, and it’s a great story that a lot of people can relate to. It’s very empowering because I did open the doors and I did want to show people what it’s really like to be an NFL wife… These moves aren’t just picking up a carry-on bag, they are full-on moves. It’s so much work but I opened the door to the cameras to film that reality.”

You spoke about wanting to get your pre-baby body back last season. Are you happy with your body now?
“I’m happy with my body. It definitely could get better but I’m a very competitive person and a perfectionist. Right now I’m training really hard and eating good – it’s so important to eat right and it’s not just because of fat on your body, it’s because of health. It’s very important for me to feel good and at the end of the day, working out and being healthy isn’t just about how you look, it’s about how you feel. Massages feel better, sex feels better, life is just so much better when you are active.”

We see you thinking about whether to pose for Playboy at the beginning of the season. Now you have your great body back do you think you’ll reconsider the idea?
Playboy was my life and now it’s not my life. It’s something that I will always love and it will always be a part of me, but that was a time of my life I have put behind me. Now I want to focus on my son’s future and look to schools. I want to dedicate that time to my son instead of posing nude in a magazine!”

Have you any plans for Baby Hank’s first birthday this week?
“Oh yes! It’s on December 11. We have this huge birthday planned for him. Of course, Little Hank will not remember the party but I will! Momma will! And that’s all that counts! Actually, my husband has Little Hank in Minnesota right now and I praise him so much because he’s been doing so much. He’s the one who actually got everything ready. We want to make sure this is the perfect first birthday. He told me he went a little overboard but there’s no such thing!”

We also have Christmas coming up… Now Baby Hank is a little bit older is there anything you’re looking forward to doing with him this Christmas?
“Well, we just took a holiday family photo which is so cute. We’re all in matching shirts by a Christmas tree with a fireplace and it says ‘Happy Holidays’ on it. That is something I’ve always dreamed of and finally I get that opportunity to have a Christmas card to send to family and friends. That’s the most simple thing I’ve always wanted in my life and I finally have it. That fulfils my Christmas more than presents. I told Hank, ‘You better not get me anything! It’s just a bunch of junk we’re going to have to move again!’ But we definitely spoil the baby!”

Will you be doing the cooking over Christmas?
“You know what, after Thanksgiving I am done with the cooking! I might have one of our moms cook!”

What happened at Thanksgiving?!
“I tried to cook from scratch and it definitely tasted like scratch, let me tell you!”

What has been your ultimate highlight of the past year?
“Nothing can come close to my son and his milestones. I’m still busy but every day I am with my son and I’m so fortunate to be able to do that. I’m so thankful and blessed and I couldn’t ask for anything else in my life. We’re definitely thinking about baby number two now – that will come soon! – but definitely Little Hank has been the highlight. 2010 has been really hard for our family in general with the moving and everything so we’re making a goal for 2011 to really get settled in life and start building memories in one home.”

Do you think now you’ve started this journey on the show and invited us into your lives that you’ll keep going for the foreseeable future or is it something you have to consider each season?
“It is something I do have to think about because I am focusing on Little Hank’s future… Cameras can distract you but it’s my eighth season on TV and I’ve gotten good at being able to focus on what is important while shooting a show at the same time. It depends on when we would shoot because I am focusing on baby number two, where we are going to live and the schools my son will go to – all the normal stuff in life!”

Finally, have you any New Year’s resolutions?!
“To find a home and just be a family again and not have to go all over the country and spend so many months apart. The New Year’s resolution is to be together with my family and settle into a home… and to be in a thong bikini by spring time!”

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