1> How many pets do you have?
2 dogs
2> What do people do for fun in Bellevue Ohio?
Get into trouble, that’s why I left!
3> How did your June 2007 Playboy feature come about?
I was shooting with a photographer and he said I would be good for Playboy and that he would submit my pictures. I wasn’t interested because I am super modest but after seeing the magazine I was interested.
4> Is Kendra Wilkinson’s room really a mess, or is that just for television?
No, it really is a mess!
5> What is your greatest strength?
I have a great sense of humor and very compassionate towards animals.
6> What is your secret weakness?
I am the most impatient person you will ever meet. I have a.d.d. and can’t wait for more than 30 seconds or I get restless.
7> At what age did you realize that men were puddy in your hands?
I was a late bloomer so it wasn’t always this easy 😉
8> Was there ever a man foolish enough to dump you?
Back in High School, yes! I couldn’t catch a break back then.
9> What is the worst pick up line anyone has ever used on you?
Once a guy told me: “I am inheriting millions of dollars when my parents pass away so I will be a rich rich man some day.” I’m like, are you serious?
10> Pick one of these three Hughs: Hugh Hefner, Hugh IV of Lusignan, or Hugh Beaumont from Leave it to Beaver.
You gotta go with Hef of course! He’s my homie!
11> Finish this sentence: A real man _____________.
Is mature. I can’t date anyone in their 20’s. They have nothing to offer.
12> Who is your favorite photographer to work with?
Dominic Petruzzi, he is the best!
13> What is the best advice you were ever given?
High school was a really tough time for me. My mom always told me that that high school was only a dot in my life compared to all the other things that I will experience. She said in a couple years I will look back and not even care and it’s true. But I couldn’t see that then.
14> Will we see you back in Playboy in the near future?
I have no plans, but you never know! 🙂
15> Who was your childhood crush?
Justin Timberlake
16> What superhero would you be?
17> What celebrity are you most often mistaken for?
Everyone says I look like a young Denise Richards. Or they say I look like Denise Richards and Jessica Alba’s baby.
18> You have a P.O. Box ( Box 1897 Hawthorne CA 90251-1897) Do you get more real paper mails or emails?
Probably more e-mails.
19> How do we tell the Shannon twins apart?
I could not tell them apart at first. Now I can tell that they look totally different. They have different personalities, voices etc. But the best way is Karissa has a beauty mark on the center of her neck and Kristina does not.
20> What is your favorite TV show?
I love Jon & Kate Plus 8. I am obsessed.
21> What is your all time favorite movie?
I don’t really watch a lot of movies believe it or not but I really like that movie Alpha Dog.
22> When is the last time that you were shitfaced drunk?
I don’t drink a lot so if I do I’m a total light weight. The last time would have to be on my last birthday on March 24th when I was in Miami. People kept buying me birthday shots and I couldn’t say no 🙂
23> Who is your favorite actor/actress?
I have the biggest crush on Jake Gyllenhaal. And actress, I love Jessica Alba. She’s my role model, I love her!
24> What is the strangest request a fan has ever asked of you?
To send them my underwear.
Bonus Question> If your life was a drinking game, we’d drink every time you __________.
Laugh. I laugh at everything. I think everything is funny.
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